I think the general consensus in the United Kingdom is that political behaviour cannot possibly get any more bizarre than it already is, with MPs profiting by bending, breaking, or even totally smashing up all the normally accepted civilised rules of conduct over claiming expenses. It might do some of is a little bit of good to take a reality check, and see just what is going on on the other side of the pond!

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Every politician who is up for office attracts a whole bevy of chancers, hustlers and just plain ordinary people on the make who feel, perhaps with some justification, that if they help their favoured candidate to high office and number of benefits may well percolate down to them in due course! I am not for one moment suggesting that a group of people who claimed to represent the comics industry fall into any of these categories, perish the thought, but it does seem a little unusual that a group of people who made a good living selling Superman, Spiderman and Batgirl (I had to mention her, it would have been politically incorrect not to!) to an unsuspecting public should have put their same efforts into selling a politician to the American voters! Of course, any resemblance between a superhero and Mr Barack Obama (now of course President Obama) is purely coincidental but this did not prevent them from donating books, printed T-shirts and even the right to have someone's name mentioned in an upcoming novel (surely the ultimate prize that we should all aim for) and auctioning these off on eBay! Sure enough, no idea is so crazy as to be completely incapable of success and so this hardy band managed to raise more than $5,000 towards campaign funds and may, but again may not, have persuaded many Americans that Mr Obama truly could create miracles on the scale of a Superman!

We are of course still waiting for the promised miracles to arrive; whether or not the comics industry will receive their due reward also still remains to be seen.

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